PREGNOSTX On-Site Pregnancy Tests

Confirm Pregnancies Fast

Pregnostx on-site pregnancy tests are approved for use on cattle, goats and sheep – delivering accurate results in just 30 minutes or less. Perfect for making quick, effective on-farm management decisions, each box contains six Pregnostx tests to keep on hand for use at any given time. So the next time you need to know if an animal is pregnant, don’t wait. Check the Pregnostx.


  • The pregnancy test is approved for use on cattle, goats and sheep
  • Designed to identify pregnancies in 30 minutes or less
  • Made for use on-site to save you time and money
  • Box includes six full test kits to keep on hand
  • Fast, accurate results allow for quick and effective management decisions
  • Made for use 28+ days post breeding


To ensure accurate results, please carefully read the following instructions before starting the test.

Draw Blood Sample

Use the syringe to draw blood from under the tail of the test subject.

prepare test

Lay the test flat on a clean surface.

Transfer sample

Use the pipette to collect the blood sample from the vacuum tube.

Place sample

Squeeze all contents from the pipette tip into the sample port of the test.

add chase

Uncap the chase capsule and squeeze 3 drops of the liquid into the sample port as the sample absorbs.

Results after 30 min

If two lines appear, the subject is pregnant. If only one line appears, the subject is open.

Box Contents

6 Pregnostx Tests
6 Vacuum Tubes
6 Pipettes
6 Chase Capsules
6 Needles
2 Reusable Needle Holders

HOw to read the results

  • The subject is pregnant if the test line (T) appears after the sample and chase are added
  • The subject is pregnant whether the T line appears fully, partially, bold or slightly faded
  • The subject is open (not pregnant) if the T line does not appear

Find Out If She’s Pregnant – Fast!