The protein-based pregnancy test for cattle, sheep, goats, bison and wildlife.

Proven. Accurate. Convenient. Cost-effective.

BioPRYN is an acronym for Pregnant Ruminant Yes/No and is the trade name of the assay that bioTracking has developed to measure PSPB (pregnancy specific protein “b”) that passes from a viable placenta to the maternal bloodstream. The presence of PSPB at defined levels is an extremely accurate indicator of pregnancy status for ruminant animals. (Cattle, sheep, goats, bison, deer, elk, etc.)

BioPRYN is available at over 40 veterinary and diagnostic laboratories across the United States and internationally. Every laboratory has been certified to run the BioPRYN test and personnel have been highly trained to provide reliable and consistent BioPRYN results to their local clientele. Unanimously, each BioPRYN laboratory offers exceptional customer service.