Affiliate Lab Network

Certified. Accurate. Consistent. Experienced.

BioPRYN, the first and leading protein-based blood pregnancy test, is available through the BioPRYN Affiliate Laboratory Network at over 40 veterinary and diagnostic laboratories across the United States and internationally. The BioPRYN Affiliate Laboratory Network began in 2002 with the first laboratory and has grown in the years since to the size it is today. The same exacting standards found in the BioPRYN test has been applied to the development and training of every laboratory in the Network.

EachBioPRYN Affiliate Laboratory is independently owned and operated and is unique, from their agricultural background to the services they provide. Every laboratory has been certified to run the BioPRYN test and personnel have been highly trained to provide reliable and consistent BioPRYN results to their local clientele. Unanimously, each BioPRYN lab offers exceptional customer service.

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