Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnostx devices should be stored 2-30˚C.

Pregnostx can be stored for up to 2 years after manufacturing. The expiration date can be found on the kit packaging.

Pregnostx can be used with heifers 25 days post breeding or greater. Cows can be tested 28 days post breeding or greater and after 70 days post calving.

Yes, Pregnostx can be used on all breeds of goat and sheep- 30 days post breeding or greater.

Pregnostx should be run between 15-30˚C.

In some cases, a control line and test line will appear prior to the 30 minute read time. This result indicates the presence of PSPB and can be used for a categorization of pregnant. For an open categorization, the Pregnostx should be read at 30 minutes to confirm the presence of a control line and absence of a test line.

Pregnostx results are valid up to 30 minutes after the initial read time (60 minutes after sample application).

The squeeze bulb is depressed and the pipette tip is placed under the surface of the sample. As the bulb is released sample is drawn into the tip. Excess sample moves into the overflow reservoir and an exact 75 microliter volume is maintained in the pipette tip. The entire tip should be full with no bubbles. The sample can them be added to the sample port of the Pregnostx by depressing the squeeze bulb. All of the sample should be evacuated from the tip while excess sample remains in the overflow reservoir.

For Plasma or Whole Blood we recommend K2EDTA tubes (Purple top tubes) as included with the 6 pack Pregnostx kits. For serum we recommend standard red top serum tubes. Other anti-coagulant tubes
have been tested but show slightly varying results.

The Pregnostx read window should be white with a Blue line at the “C” control position. If the “C” position has no line or a red line the Pregnostx has been compromised and should not be used for testing.

The test line position “T” should show a red or slightly pink line for a positive test result. Any presence of a red line at the T position is a positive result. An incomplete or broken line is still considered a positive results.

The Pregnostx device should separate the red blood cells from the plasm, allowing only the colorless sample to run in the read window. However, in some cases there may be a bit or red color to appear in
the read window. As long as this red front does not move up to the T position and results lines can be clearly read the test is valid. Please note heavily hemolyzed samples could interfere with test interpretation and should not be used. Whole blood samples should be stored for less than 1 day at 2- 8˚ C and not allowed to freeze. For longer storage centrifuge the samples and remove the plasma or serum.

The sample front should move into the read window within 10 minutes of sample application. If the sample front is not seen within 10 minutes 1 additional drop of chase buffer should be added to the sample port.

The Pregnostx should be read in a well-lit location. Direct sunlight, lamp, or cell phone flashlight are recommended to avoid shadows that could confound visual interpretation of the test lines.

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