Androvet KFT

Budapest, Gyergyó u. 11, 1182 Hungary  

Phone: +36 209-745-162

Fax: +36 1284-8792

Please contact Androvet KFT for pricing and days of testing, as well as other services they offer.



per test

Test Day:

Report Day:

Sample Needed:
2 ml blood or 1 ml serum

Contact Androvet KFT for pricing, test days and reporting days.

About Us

ANDROVET, Ltd, located in Budapest, Hungary, was the second commercial laboratory to offer the BioPRYN® blood pregnancy test to clients. Prof. Dr. György Gábor, DVM, PhD, founded the laboratory in 1997 and added the BioPRYN pregnancy test in April 2003. Androvet offers services for dairy farms (improving fertility, decreasing calving interval, and early pregnancy detection by ultrasound and/or BioPRYN). The laboratory also provides additional analysis for their clients.

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